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Contactless Delivery Service- Please note that due to Covid-19 all deliveries will be contactless drop off deliveries until further notice. No Boxes will be taken back for recycling.

Supply Issues & Out of Stocks -Please note that due to supply chain issues we are expreiencing a large amount of out of stocks in some areas. While we are working with suppliers to minimise this please understand that out of stock in some categories are being experienced across the majority of supermarket retailers. We will work with you to subsitute items of similar quality and price should you opt to accept substitutes.

Hording Policy- Please not that any large orders for abnormal or "hording" quantities of product will be refused and you order deleted. Please do not waste your time or or ours!
Orders you think we wont have stock of but your having a punt anyway policy; If you are ordering large amounts of product from categoieis or suppliers that are highly unstocked in current retail envirenment then we may reserve the right to delete or modify your order quantities. Only normal retail supermarket quantities will be suplied by us without prior authorisaton. We are not wholesaling for large unauthoriesed amounts of stock. Just trying to help everyone get what they need. Not here to supply people not part of the community effort.

Free Delivery for all orders over $150.00

We will due our best in this trying time and hope that this service will make some things easier for a lot of people in the comming weeks and months ahead.

Thankyou for choosing to shop with us and please stay safe and well!